Insomniac Releases Incredible New Trailer For EDC Las Vegas 2015


The marketing team over at Insomniac has always been known for their impressive work, but this newly released trailer for EDC Las Vegas is really something else. Clocking in at roughly 7 minutes, it’s a wonderful showcase of the festival in all its glory and also features this year’s official anthem, DallasK and Adventure Club’s impressive new collaboration, “Crash 2.0.”

Not only that, but the trailer also kicks off what is set to be a week full of announcements. Over the coming days, Insomniac will start unveiling the lineup for the highly anticipated event and given the artists that have headlined the festival’s previous outings, you can be sure that it will be pretty special.

Insomniac founder and CEO, Pasquale Rotella, had the following to say about the new trailer in a press release from earlier this morning:

“Today’s release of the official EDC Las Vegas trailer not only reminds me of the special memories we made at last year’s festival, but also makes me look forward to seeing our Headliners’ expressions as they walk through this year’s brand-new festival design,” says Rotella. “All year long, my team and I work really hard to develop new creative concepts to keep each EDC Vegas a unique experience, and this year will be no exception.”

Check out the trailer above and let us know if you’re looking forward to attending EDC Las Vegas this year. General admission tickets are unfortunately sold out, but a handful of VIP tickets still remain over on the official website.