Exclusive Interview: Dream Rockwell Talks The Lucent Dossier Experience


After a tantalizing performance at Shambhala Music Festival, we had the chance to speak with the luminous Dream Rockwell, Creative Director of the Lucent Dossier Experience.

Loosely translated to mean “collection of light,” witnessing a performance by the Lucent Dossier Troupe is certainly an experience. The avant-garde display has gained international acclaim, and is as much a visual feast as aural bliss. The musical accompaniment has been produced by numerous artists over the years, including Nikita Sorokin, Metaphase, KRADDY, and more, all under the collective name, Lucent Dossier Experience.

Apart from surreal soundtracks, the aesthetically rich performance aims to bridge the gap between the artists and audience, utilizing dance, aerial performance, flow-arts, and interactive exhibits. But, above all, “Lucent Dossier hopes to be your guide into a fantastical realm where brilliance and insanity fuse together in an exotic kind of ecstatic bliss.”

Also a founding member of The Do LaB, Dream Rockwell has been more than influential in developing the transformative Lightning in a Bottle festival. She’s played a major role in pioneering the widely imitated neo-tribal aesthetic, and her range of skills includes everything from event production, to interactive theatre and public speaking. There’s nothing she can’t do.

Read on to hear Dream’s thoughts on the Lucent Dossier Experience, festival culture, and personal growth.

Dream Lucent Dossier 2

You seem very inspired by your early experiences at Burning Man and individuals you describe as having the “Lucent” factor. How have subsequent festivals and additional Lucent members influenced both yourself and Lucent Dossier as a whole?

Dream: Every new member of Lucent changes us in some way. We are very malleable. And we love each other in such a way that we allow ourselves to be affected by each other. We used to always say ‘We are nothing if not flexible’ and then we’d laugh. It’s true in many ways.

It almost seems that the show is a peek into another realm of existence. How would you describe the limitless dreamscape in which Lucent Dossier Exists?

Dream: We have dreamt of other realms that we wished to exist in, then we created it for ourselves so we could live in it. Then we bring you along because it’s all more fun with playmates.

Ideally, you aim to break down the barrier between Lucent Dossier performers and the audience. Have you had any particular shows or interactions where this was especially true? 

Dream: We have had so many experiences where this is so. We long to get up close and personal with our audiences. As the walls break down we are able to really see each other. I believe that it is in those vulnerable moments that love blooms.

Explain your understanding of the art of play, and what is to be gained from exploring playfulness. How does it factor into both Lucent Dossier and Cuddle The World?

Dream: I think what old aging is, is a human who has forgotten to play. To remain flexible. I want to inspire adults to keep playing. It is as crucial for human survival as food and water, in my option.


You’re very candid about the individual who helped to find a point on your arrow.  For someone who’s never had a Lucent Dossier Experience, what sensation do you strive to create/how do you hope to help people find their own arrow point?

Dream: Our favorite expression to see on those looking up at us is the jaw-dropped look. We love that. Giggles and smiles are awesome, too. We hope to inspire people to free themselves in some way. We aren’t cookie cuts of each other, or of our parents, or our teachers, we are each our own individual voice. We are unique, we are each a little stranger than ‘the mold.’ We actually don’t fit into any mold. Because we’re always growing and shifting. I hope we inspire our audience to see themselves as more powerful because of their differences and because of how quickly they are shifting and changing. That’s beauty.

What do you believe the value of festivals to be and how can we bring the wild nature of Lucent Dossier into our everyday life?

Dream: I believe that festivals are practice for a better way of life. They allow us to connect with strangers in a deeper and less needy way. We share incredible moments with people we may never see again. We take care of each other. We dance together. And yes, let’s bring this back to everyday life, please. The time is now. And we are the people who will do it. Because we know it’s possible. If you are reading this article you are the chosen one because you are on the cutting edge of experience. So find ways to bring what you know and love back to your everyday life so we can all live in harmony, beauty, and playfulness together. Let’s drop our judgement, stop battling and arguing and start understanding. Let’s be more playful. Ultimately, what I hope for all humans, is that we begin to find new ways to be loving to all sentient beings. If Lucent does anything I hope we inspire people to do all that. Easy right!?