Jay-Z Signs Jay Electronica To Roc Nation

One of the most talked about up and comers last year, Jay Electronica, is officially the newest member of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. He joins the North Carolina rapper J. Cole as a trio that should be watched for big things in the next year or so.

P. Diddy was rumored to have a working relationship with Jay Elec but nothing official ever surfaced. He tweeted soon after the announcementDamn it hurts in a whole other way when someone you felt and I mean really felt was your Friend, Betrays you,

Jay Elec responded “You should be more clear than that too brother,” he posted, adding, “betrayal is a serious allegation. real talk. And you know im gonnabe me so i ant gonna be holding my tongue if you gon be out here emotional and wreckless with it.

Diddy finally responded, squashing any beef that may have arisen, “I proud of you,” he typed, “I’m happy for you. I love you! I congratulate you’ I’m not mad at you! All I wanna do is see you win! All love.”