Justin Bieber Remixes Boyfriend With Asher Roth, Mac Miller And 2 Chainz


Mac Miller, Asher Roth and 2 Chainz have joined up to help Justin Bieber release the first official remix to his hit song Boyfriend. It’s an interesting foursome that the Biebs has put together but surprisingly, it works well.

Hearing Asher and Mac on the same track is nice as I’m a big fan of both and mashing them together with 2 Chainz and Justin Bieber definitely makes for a unique listening experience.

Bieber seems to be trying really hard to make a new, more mature and grown up image for himself and I think it’s working. Many still know him for hits like Baby and Somebody To Love but it looks like he’s moving in a totally different direction now, at least if Boyfriend is any indication.

Make sure to pick up Bieber’s new album Believe when it releases on June 19th and check out the Boyfriend remix below.

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