Justin Bieber And Skrillex Perform Sorry Acoustically


When Justin Bieber and Skrillex’s new track, “Sorry,” hit the airwaves last week, the EDM community as a whole (including us) embraced the moombahton-pop crossover a lot more than any of us could have been expected. In typical Skrillex/Bieber fashion, they’ve opted to sustain the current level of buzz around the track for as long as possible by releasing a video of them performing the song with nothing more than an acoustic guitar.

In the black-and-white video, Skrillex and Bieber are accompanied by “Sorry” co-producer and co-writer BLOOD in a nondescript loft. A series of thinly disguised hard cuts tie together footage of the seemingly impromptu session into one continuous play through of the song – which hardly detracts from its mystique as Bieber demonstrates that his vocal chops are as finely tuned as ever.

It looks as though Skrillex and Diplo’s much-maligned foray into pop music with their immensely polarizing Justin Bieber track “Where Are Ü Now” has begun to yield music of more substance. As Sonny is assisting Bieber with more tracks on the latter artist’s upcoming album, Purpose, time will tell whether or not the success of “Sorry” tells of a long-term trend or will prove a flash in the pan.