Kaskade Gives Galantis’ Runaway (U & I) A Bit Of “Oomph”


After teasing it on Instagram earlier this week, Kaskade has released his remix of Galantis’ Runaway (U & I). Seeing as this is already a fantastic song, the DJ doesn’t do a whole lot with it, but he does give the track a bit of “extra ooomph,” as he says in his Tweet:

After giving it a listen, you can definitely tell what Kaskade is talking about. A hard kick throughout combined with some strong energy and the twisting of chords in the chorus definitely gives the track a more pulse-pounding feel, and it works out pretty well.

Again, the core is still in tact, but there are just enough tweaks here to warrant calling it a remix and as far as Kaskade’s work goes, this ranks right up there with what he did to Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful.

Check out the Kaskade remix of Galantis’ Runaway (U & I) below and let us know what you think.