Kayne West – “No One Man Should Have All That Power”

The egotistical genius. The college dropout who took over the music industry with mere heart and dedication. Kanye West got his opportunity to work in the music industry by creating beats for local artists in the Chicago area. His unique style and mix of 70’s like melodies attracted the likes of Jay-Z, Janet Jackson and Common just to name a few.

But Kanye set out on his journey to do much more than just make beats for others, Kanye knew his lyrical game was ready for the masses. Many labels turned him down and labeled him just another “producer-rapper”. Then Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) gave him the opportunity to show off his lyrical side and the rest is history.

Kanye, coming off his 2008 multiplatinum 808’s and Heartbreak album, is now working on finishing his 5th studio album. Good Ass Job (Kanye says the name is a work in progress, but is the preliminary name for the album) is set to release in mid October 2010 and will show a deeper lyrical side of Kayne, as opposed to his melody filled last album. The album is also going feature artists like Drake, Eminem, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and more.

Kanye is continuously criticized by the media for his live TV outbreaks and controversial lyrics, but nothing seems to faze the superstar. His first single off his new album is named Power, and stems from a Napoleon style state of mind, believing that no matter what one does, he will always have power over all. Kanye has proven time and time again that no matter how the media portrays him, he will continue to prosper in the worst of times. He is truly a modern day musical genius.

Recently Kanye attended a Facebook Head Office meeting and gave fans a sneak peek at a future single off his new album. He also recently joined the Twitter universe and in one short week has already totaled over 400,000 followers, follow him at www.twitter.com/kanyewest

Kanye has easily proven himself to be a legitamate rap icon and I’m looking forward to his next album.

Remember to pick up Kanye’s new album when it hits stores on October 12, 2010.