R. Kelly Might Take Trapped In The Closet To Broadway

There are so many wonderful things about R. Kelly‘s seemingly never-ending “hip-opera” Trapped In The Closet, be it that in the first episode he chooses to rhyme the word “dresser” with “Berreta”, or just simply that it’s still actually going on after, like, seven years. But his zany, midget-clad musical masterpiece might be getting the Broadway treatment, given that R. Kelly has reportedly been offered a deal to turn the whole saga into an all singin’, all dancin’ extravaganza.

How exactly somebody would break down the intricately-crafted chapters is currently unknown, given that the story is so complex and tightly wound that a single change in the narrative could reduce the impact of the work in its entirety. Or maybe that’s not that case at all (which it isn’t), because Trapped In The Closet is perhaps the most bizarrely-realised work of art to have ever emerged over the course of the 21st century, basically consisting of R. Kelly playing R. Kelly and going around getting involved in people’s lives unnecessarily and pointing his pistol at everybody for the slightest reasons. There’s also a bit about a spatula.

On a somewhat unrelated note, here’s what R. Kelly thinks of the phenomenon that is his own work:

“Trapped In The Closet is an alien. I’m glad to be one of the astronauts to take this trip to a place unknown.”

Yes. It’s an alien, R. Kelly. That’s exactly it.

Source:  A.V. Club