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Kid Rock announces comedy show for alleged audience of some sort

The evening will take place April 18 in Nashville and is intended to become an annual event if the first is a success.

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Musician Kid Rock, who has used words to make songs before, reached new and very conservative fans with his latest turn as a provocateur opposed to President Joe Biden and COVID-19 protocols, and is now, somehow, producing a comedy show.

The man who made the gibberish “Bawitdaba” into a hit, and who mused about wanting to be a cowboy, posted the above image yesterday on Twitter. The show will take place in Nashville, and will benefit his foundation, which helps poor children, victims of war and natural disasters, and the sick, and he will also be performing (music, presumably) at the venue on the same day. Presale tickets are available now, and regular ones are on sale Friday.

The show is intended to return in the future, the poster hints, and some online have not been intrigued. One user posted an image, by way of reply, from Team America: World Police of a character vomiting profusely, while another hinted at their disdain through subtle wordplay not discernable at first glance.

“This does make me laugh, but not in the way that you are intending.”

-Paul Rabin (@LuapNibar) March 9, 2022

Tickets, if you are into this kind of thing, can be purchased on axs.com. Of those in the featured lineup, one of the more notable names is Shane Gillis; Gillis had a place in the cast of Saturday Night Live a few years ago, nearly, but lost his spot before even appearing on camera, due to resurfaced comments wherein he used anti-gay slurs and racist language. He apologized, and has since been rebuilding his career, while continuing to perform at gatherings like this upcoming one.

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