Kygo Brings His Fresh Sound To Montreal’s Société Des Arts Technologiques

Electric Forest Festival - Day 4

Right now, the name Kygo is synonymous with some of the most interesting developments in EDM. In a time where most of the world’s biggest DJs seem to be pumping out the same cookie-cutter beats week after week, it’s refreshing to find an artist who’s confident enough to try something new. Kygo’s tunes are slower, sexier and way more addictive than anything we’ve heard in a while, and you know what, it’s pretty damn refreshing.

I’ve seen a pattern emerge lately, where upon first discovering Kygo, the person will ask: “How the hell would I dance to this at a live show?” Then they listen to a couple more tracks and that worry quickly fades away. This particular question sure wasn’t an issue in the early hours of October 17th at the DJ’s sold-out show at the Société des Arts Technologiques in the heart of downtown Montreal. Despite his tropical house sound arriving at a much lower BPM, the crowd had no problem dancing their hearts out to some absolutely infectious music.

The 23 year-old Norwegian producer laid down a massive 90-minute set that included everything from his biggest hits to teasers of his upcoming work. The energy from the crowd was unbelievable throughout, peaking when he played his remix of Marvin Gaye’s legendary Sexual Healing and his remix of Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire. The latter track exploded recently on SoundCloud with nearly 16 million views, garnering him the attention of EDM giants such as Diplo and Pete Tong. Throughout the night, Kygo beautifully mixed in and out of his biggest hits, constantly keeping the crowd grooving with a smile on their face, especially when he came back out for an encore.

Perhaps the coolest part of the entire show was seeing just how much fun Kygo was having the whole time. Two bouncers literally had to carry him away at the end of the night, as he high-fived and chatted with pumped-up fans. This guy just loves music and loves that we love it, too.

For anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to snag a ticket to a show on Kygo’s current world tour, don’t stress. There’s a whole lot more to look forward to from this young talent. The two new unreleased tracks he previewed at the show did not disappoint, and then there’s also his upcoming collaboration with the ever-entertaining Dillon Francis that everyone is eagerly awaiting.

Great things are in store for Kygo, that much is sure, and if you haven’t yet had the chance to see him live, we definitely recommend you do so. His world tour is still ongoing, so be sure to head on over to the DJ’s official website to grab tickets if he’s going to be in your area.