Kygo Steals The Show At The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony


The King of Tropical House has done it again. This past week at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, Kygo put on a stunning live performance, showcasing “Firestone,” “Stay,” “Stole The Show” and his remix of A-HA’s “Take On Me.” As the first EDM artist to ever perform at the ceremony, the Norwegian producer had a lot riding on the show, and as you can see from the videos below, he absolutely knocked it out of the park.

Personally, my favorite is the completely stripped down version of “Firestone,” but as usual, the entire show was impressive, showing us once again that Kygo truly is one of the most talented and exciting artists in music at the moment. It seems like he can do no wrong and performances like this just prove why he’s one of the industry’s brightest stars.

Check out the videos below and prepare to be dazzled, once again, by Kygo.