Kygo Talks Debut Album With Billboard


So, 2015 was the year of Kygo, I think that much is clear by now. Not that he wasn’t a big name before, but the last 12 months saw the Norwegian producer put himself on the map in a major way. And while he’d be forgiven if he were to take a breather and enjoy his much deserved success, he has absolutely no intentions of doing so.

Instead, Kygo is doing everything he can to make 2016 even bigger than 2015. If his recent Cloud Nine North American tour (which included a sold out show at Barclays Centre) and announcement of his very own festival weren’t clear indicators of that, then perhaps his debut album will be. Set to drop at some point in the next few months, the hype surrounding it has reached an all-time high, as fans are eager to hear more of the DJ’s intoxicating sound.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Kygo spoke about the upcoming effort, telling us what we can expect from it. Said to be around 15 tracks in length, the album will apparently see the producer venture in a new direction. That’s not to say that his signature sound won’t be all over it, but Kygo told Billboard that he’s excited about experimenting in different genres.

Check out the video above to hear more from one of EDM’s hottest artists and stay tuned for further info on Kygo‘s debut album, as we’ll surely be getting some soon.

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