Lane 8 Shares New Mix Following This Never Happened Tour


Lane 8 shook things up earlier in the year with his performance at the San Francisco Mezzanine, where he first introduced the cell phone ban that came to define his This Never Happened tour concept. The phone ban served as an attempt to bring a degree of exclusivity back to DJ’ing. With fans unable to film and upload footage from the concerts, Lane 8 was able to generate a level of hype for his live shows that’s rare in the age of social media.

Now that the tour has wrapped, the producer is offering up a new mix for fans who missed out on the fun. Clocking in at an impressive two and a half hours, Lane 8’s latest offering comes packed with plenty of excellent house and techno selections, all expertly mixed into a seamless audio experience.

While the winter 2016 mix isn’t the exact show that fans enjoyed across the This Never Happened tour, Lane 8 explains that it’s the next best thing.

A lot of fans have been asking me on socials for recordings of the This Never Happened sets, which goes against the whole premise of the night… nothing is recorded, photographed or video’d. It’s all about what happens in that room at that moment. So this year’s annual mixtape is perhaps the closest musical experience for those who didn’t get to any of the events. It certainly isn’t a replay of any of the sets, but does include many of the tracks that were special for me across the tour. It was recorded in the last week of the tour. Enjoy.

With a staggering time frame and some excellent song selection, Lane 8‘s winter 2016 mix is a solid outing from the producer that’s definitely worth a listen. Check it out above and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.