Lindsey Stirling & Otto Knows’ Collab Gets An Official Video


When we hear Lindsey Stirling, we know to expect both exceedingly moving violin melodies and incredible cinematography. So when her collaboration with Otto Knows was announced, we were just a little dissappointed with when the accompanying video left out one of the most famous aspects of Stirling’s talent. However, the doubt has been put to rest with the official “Dying For You” music video.

In the clip, we’re met with a woeful Alex Aris belting out lyrics riddled with longing next to a melancholy Otto Knows supporting with piano. It’s set in gloomy tones of black, with shadows encroaching for the duration of the verse. However, all that changes when Lindsey Stirling’s angelic violin bursts in. Opposed to the darkened stage of Alex Aris, Stirling’s movement is amplified by the light and provides the breakdown a bright contrast.

It’s a great video, and does well for the mood of the song, but we wish the director wouldn’t have slowed down Lindsey Stirling‘s dancing. Although, we can see how that might have disrupted the feel of the final product.

Have a look for yourself above and let us know what you think!

Source: Your EDM

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