Listen To Luke Bond’s New Single “Alone” With Georgia Mason


Rising producer Luke Bond has delivered a stunning new single over the weekend, enlisting the help of up and coming vocalist Georgia Mason to deliver a dance ballad on “Alone.”

With his new track, Luke Bond crafts a gentle production beneath Georgia Mason’s distinctive singing, and the results are an emotionally charged dance hit.

“Alone” opens quietly with somber piano chords and serene atmosphere, and Mason’s elongated vocal delivery soon enters the mix. Bond slowly works in percussive elements, taking his time to progress the song forward and gradually work his way into the drops. After a crescendo of rising snare rushes, the beat drops as an uplifting synth melody takes the lead over crashing drums.

“Alone” establishes Luke Bond as a producer to keep an eye on in 2016, and his collaboration with Georgia Mason works on all fronts as her unique voice serves as a highlight throughout the effort.

“Alone” is out now via Garuda Music and is available for purchase here.