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Machine Gun Kelly changes album title after he and Travis Barker got tattoos of the old title

Machine Gun Kelly sat Travis Barker down to tell him that he's changing his upcoming album name and it's a hilarious experience.

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Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly have been friends for over ten years, but the pair recently started working together, and their musical success is next level. Both immensely talented artists on their own, Barker and MGK, know what chords, notes, and patterns/rhythms to play to mesmerize an audience.

To commemorate their hard work on Tickets to My Downfall and share excitement about their upcoming project together, the pair got matching tattoos for Kelly’s forthcoming album name — Born With Horns. They shared their tattoos on Instagram on Aug. 9.

Machine Gun Kelly shared a new video on his social media today as he sat down next to Barker. Kelly leads in by asking if they’re “friends no matter what.” Barker responds immediately by saying that they are, and a flashback of their matching tattoos is revealed as Kelly mentions the album name. It doesn’t take long for Barker to realize what’s going on.

The two share a smile as MGK reveals that he changed the album’s name, and the laughter begins. Kelly reveals the new album title at the end of the video. So what is their next project going to be? Mainstream Sellout. The album is slated for a release sometime this year, so fans won’t have to wait long to hear the magic they create.

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