Madeon Reveals A New Album Is On The Way



It’s been over a year since French producer Madeon dropped his first studio album Adventure to widespread acclaim, but in the time that has passed since his debut release we’ve heard little new material come to fruition. Following the release of Adventure, Madeon kicked off a live show while only a trickle of new music hit the airwaves.

Finally, the young producer took to Twitter this week to break the silence and assure his fans that new material is indeed on the way, confirming that his next album will be released “next year for sure.”

The news will no doubt have fans excited at the prospect of new music to obsess over, and Madeon can probably expect to be one of the most watched over producers of 2017. Without any other information regarding the tentative LP though, we we’ll just have to be patient and wait for the first glimpses of the new album to arrive.

Source: Your EDM

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