Malaa Speculated To Be DJ Snake And Tchami’s Side Project


If you thought slow identity reveals were a thing of the past, you clearly haven’t heard of Malaa yet. The G house provocateur has made waves as the most sought-after export of Tchami’s Confessions imprint in the month following the release of his breakout single, “Notorious,” but a series of clues uncovered by Redditors with entirely too much free time suggests that the moniker is a side project between Tchami and longtime collaborator DJ Snake.

A look at both Tchami and DJ Snake’s ASCAP credits reveals that a mysterious “Guess Steve” – who is speculated to be both artists’ manager, Steve Goncalves of Guess Agency – has played some role on almost everything either artist has put out, and for a time many speculated that he was Malaa’s true identity. However, DJ Snake favoriting an errant tweet which declared Malaa to be him and Tchami’s side project put these notions to rest:



Shortly thereafter, a Facebook event description for the night of Malaa’s performance at San Fransisco nightclub 1015 Folsom at least confirmed DJ Snake’s involvement:

PYSdZej (1)

To date, neither artist has made a public statement confirming or denying the rumors – but seeing as how Malaa‘s upcoming tour kicks off with a performance at Club Vinyl in Denver, Colorado, it’s safe to say that we’ll know for sure soon enough.