Maroon 5 Parody Pokemon Go In “Don’t Wanna Know” Video


It’s going to be hard to take Maroon 5’s new single, “Don’t Wanna Know,” off repeat for a second, but it’s worth it to hear the song by way of the music video that just premiered today. Inspired by the Pokemon Go phenomenon that swept the nation, the video includes a ton of celebrity cameos in it and a romantic subplot that will tug hard on those heartstrings.

“Don’t Wanna Know” finds Levine & Co. living in a world as Pokemon-esque monsters in ridiculous over sized suits. While all his monster buddies are busy running away from kids trying to catch them with their cell phones, Levine is trying to balance band life with winning back his ex, who’s played by Sarah Silverman. Other than her, actor Ed Helms makes an appearance in the clip, too.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Kendrick Lamar had a brief verse in the song, the video omits him entirely, so those who came to see Kendrick in Pokemon form will leave sorely disappointed. All is well, though, because “Don’t Wanna Know” – even in its lengthy six minute run time – is a blast to watch, and it’s always a treat to see Maroon 5 having fun again.