Marshmello And Wrabel Finally Release “Ritual”


Marshmello‘s long awaited collaboration with Wrabel, titled “Ritual,” is a tune fans have been looking forward to since it was first teased earlier in the year. The anonymous DJ even went so far as to name his current tour after the song before finally announcing a proper release date for the single.

Now, “Ritual” is finally out and will surely rank as one of Marshmello’s biggest songs to date, featuring some excellent vocal contributions from Wrabel and a production that deviates from the producer’s usual future bass fare.

A lo-fi piano opens “Ritual” before arpeggiated bass and four on the floor rhythms enter the mix. Wrabel offers up some noteworthy topline efforts, ranging from smooth tenor hooks in the verses to pristine harmonies and soaring falsetto. The drops feature Marshmello’s characteristically magical synth melodies, layered over grinding electro bass and the persistent pounding of the drums.

“Ritual” definitely marks a turning point in Marshmello‘s evolution that sees the producer moving away from strictly dance music into more pop friendly territory, and it’s not hard to imagine the new tune making its rounds on the radio. With irresistibly catchy vocals and a satisfying production from the mysterious musician, “Ritual” is one for the books.