Marshmello’s Remix Of Adele’s “Hello” Actually Kind Of Works


A DJ/producer who wears a mask onstage remixing an Adele song sounds like too ridiculous of an EDM cliche to be true, but it’s actually a thing – and it’s actually halfway decent.

Anonymous EDM artist Marshmello has turned out something of a mixed bag of originals since he became a fixture of the electronic music world, but his remix of Adele’s “Hello” is among the better work he’s done.

Marshmello’s “Hello” remix shines because it doesn’t sound like most of his other productions. A subtle synth melody in the verse is eclipsed by a vocal sample progression at the drop, and most importantly, the original vocal is largely left untouched, with the producer’s contributions inserted around it in a complementary manner.

Listen to Marshmello‘s remix of Adele’s “Hello” by clicking on the SoundCloud player above. If you like what you hear, make a trip down to the comments section and let us know why.