Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo And Mesto Debut Two IDs In B2B Performance


Even though Martin Garrix may still have a ways to go before truly coming into his own as an electronic music artist, you’ve gotta give it up to him for bringing other artists up with him before his teenage years even come to a close. The young progressive house Superstar laid down a short DJ set in Dutch radio station Bij Igmar’s SLAM! DJ booth for its second anniversary, and brought “Bouncy Bob” collaborators Justin Mylo and Mesto along to soak up some of the exposure.

After kicking things off with with “Poison,” the first Martin Garrix track released following his split with Spinnin’ Records, the mini-mix takes on a predictably main-stage vibe before exploring some of house music’s more experimental and heavily modulated territory.

More importantly, two new IDs have surfaced as a result – at 1:40 and 13:58 in the YouTube video above. No information about the former is available as of yet, but Justin Mylo is confirmed to be credited on the latter.

Now that it looks like Martin Garrix‘s working relationship with Justin Mylo and Mesto isn’t limited to a one-off collaboration, it will be interesting to see how the trio of sorts color each other’s creative process in the months to follow.

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