Martin Garrix To Release “Oops” As YouTube Live At E3 Theme


Long gone are the times when electronic music and nerd culture went hand in hand, but one of the most household names in mainstream EDM has forged a partnership that would suggest otherwise. Martin Garrix has announced that his new track titled “Oops” will be released as the official theme of YouTube Live at E3.

Garrix debuted the song during his performance at Indy 500 Snake Pit last week, and its 8 bit-reminiscent sections had sounded somewhat out of character for one of his tracks. With the announcement that he will release it in conjunction with YouTube’s coverage of E3 – arguably the most renowned trade fair for gamers worldwide – suddenly the themes make more sense.

Martin Garrix will release “Oops” as a free giveaway across several platforms on June 13th, when YouTube Live at E3 kicks off. Until then, you can watch the video above to hear him talk about how the partnership came together.