Max Vangeli And Flatdisk’s “Blow This Club” Has A Big Sound


Max Vangeli kicked off his new label with a track that challenged the main stage formula, and his latest release proves him capable of seeing such a creative tangent through. By its title alone you might not expect his Flatdisk collaboration, “Blow This Club,” to stray from the status quo, but it manages to make you move without coming across as a by-the-numbers EDM track.

For starters, “Blow This Club” incorporates bass music synth work with a four-four beat in a way that seems to almost trick you into thinking it’s a breakbeat track. As it cycles through buildups, drops and bridges, each section sounds surprisingly unique while still working in the context of the whole.

Check back for more of Max Vangeli and his signees’ releases as festival season approaches and let us know what you think of the track below.

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