Michael Calfan’s Breaking The Doors Is The Definition Of Department Store House


Michael Calfan‘s been calling his recent style “soul house” or “melodic house.” I, however, call it department store house.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been loving that the electronic music world rediscovered house music in such a big way over the last few years. I’ve never seen so many hip young people bump proper four-four beats, and it proves that dance music fans aren’t as nearsighted as the media makes them out to be. However, songs like Calfan’s “Breaking the Doors” are simply watered-down versions of what so many of us hold sacred, rendering them palatable to mainstream audiences.

Just like any of the aural sedatives that artists like Robin Shulz or Sam Feldt have been putting out, this track features warm instrumentals and vague vocal samples that call forth mental images of a long drive on a cloudy day. Layered synth plucks at each peak give the track some semblance of groove, but while it’s not a flat-out lousy song, it’s simply not that memorable either.

Give Michael Calfan‘s “Breaking the Doors” a listen above and let us know where you fall on the track by commenting below.