Mickey Valen Delivers A Solid Future Bass Tune On “Meet Me”


Up and comer Mickey Valen is grabbing our attention with his latest single, teaming up with French-born singer Noé on an enticing future bass collaboration with plenty of pop appeal.

“Meet Me” opens softly as Noé’s pristine crooning fills the speakers over a smoky chord progression and the crack of a loungey drum beat. Mickey Valen crafts a seductive production around her top notch vocal hooks, as stuttering synths and hushed atmospheres bubble up around the humming of deep bass hits. Moving into the drops, the new single gets things moving as chopped up vocal samples carve out ear catching melodies over trap style drum patterns.

On “Meet Me,” Mickey Valen strikes a balance between radio friendly pop hooks and dance worthy rhythms, delivering a solid entry in the ever popular future bass style. Noé’s vocal contributions really shine on the new single, serving as an anchor for its production frills while bringing an inherent jazzy vibe to the table.

Best of all, “Meet Me” is available as a free download, so be sure to grab your own copy here.

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