New Music From Jay Sean And Jason Derulo

A bit of new music has surfaced this weekend, coming to us from pop singers Jason Derulo and Jay Sean.

First up is Make It Up As We Go, Jason Derulo‘s new song featuring Rick Ross. Off his upcoming album Future History, which drops Sept 27th, the track is radio friendly but I’m not sure if it’s destined to be a hit.

The album’s first single, Don’t Wanna Go Home, was a lot more exciting and a bit easier on the ears. I think Ross feels out of place on this one and as of now, I’m not a fan.

The next tracks are from Jay Sean. The first one, Say Yeah, features Lupe Fiasco while the second one, The Mistress, features only Jay Sean. Both tracks are off the upcoming mixtape The Mistress.

“For me, it’s my new passion project,” the British singer told Rap-Up TV. “It’s a little nod to throwback R&B, the stuff that I grew up to. It’s just fun. It’s not going in there and over-thinking anything. It’s just doing some stuff that I wanted to do, perhaps doing some stuff that America hasn’t heard. It’s showing the other side of me. It’s my other love, my hidden love.”

Of the two, I like Say Yeah a bit better (perhaps just because I’m a big Lupe fan) but both are a good listen. The 15 song mixtape will drop on September 6th.

Check out the new tracks below and let us know which you like best.

Make It Up As We Go

Say Yeah

The Mistress