New Blu And Exile Video: Seasons

After releasing together ‘Below the Heavens’, one of my favorite hip hop albums of the last five years, the two California artists reunite and put out this song and video called Seasons. This was a self-produced video in true indie fashion but don’t let the low-budget look fool you. Blu is one of the most intelligent rappers out there and Exile is smooth with the beats as always.

This definitely has a ‘Below the Heavens’ feel to it and it even says to buy the album at the end of the video so it’s possible this was a track that didn’t make the album. The year also says 2009 at the end, meaning that this video was probably actually made last year sometime.

I got excited and thought they were re-releasing the album at first but then I noticed humorously, below where it says “Buy Below the Heavens”, it also says “(AndGiveMEACopySoICanSellThatShit)” referencing the fact that Sound In Color stopped production and distribution of the album soon after its release, making it’s physical version extremely hard to find and a valuable collectors’ item (I’m still looking for one myself so hit me up if you have a source).

While Blu’s self-produced stuff is good, there’s just something magical when Blu and Exile work together. Check out the video below and if you can, go listen to 2007’s ‘Below The Heavens’.