ODESZA’s “It’s Only” Remix EP Serves Up Dreamlike Soundscapes


It’s hard to hate on much of anything that ODESZA releases, even when it’s not entirely their work. The Seattle-based ambient downtempo duo dropped a remix EP for their 2015 release, “It’s Only,” last week, and as could be expected, they chose a handful of remixes that don’t betray the elegant simplicity of the original.

Remixes by 20syl, Kania, LuQus, RÜfÜs and Fei – Fei make for lucid, ethereal adaptations of the ODESZA-produced source material. While most of them amount to downtempo/future bass variations of “It’s Only,” the RÜfÜs remix steps the furthest outside the stylistic confines of the original by rearranging it into a deep house track fit for a sunrise set at an obscure desert party.

Then again, everyone’s bound to have their own favorite from the collection. After listening to the remix EP for ODESZA‘s “It’s Only,” make a trip down to the comments section to let us know which of them suited your fancy.

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