‘Oneirology’ Teaser for New Cunninlynguists Album

The Cunninlynguists are prepping for their next LP entitled ‘Oneirology’ by releasing this teaser trailer showing off one of the songs from the album. The above image is a teaser image for the album.

The video also reveals that the album will feature Big Krit, Freddie Gibbs and frequent collaborator Tonedeff. On my Best Hip Hop Albums of 2010 list, Big Krit’s ‘KRIT Wuz Here’ took the #6 spot while Kno’s ‘Death Is Silent’ took #3. Additionally, Deacon’s side project with Sheisty Khrist as well as Freddie Gibbs’ mixtape and EP took honorable mention spots so I’m obviously very excited for this album knowing the talented group of people involved.

‘Oneirology’ will be releasing on March 22nd.