Paradise Lost Festival Will Be Dance Music’s Triumphant Return To Jamaica


A brand new music festival is slated to hit the market in 2016, and this one will celebrate Jamaica’s often overlooked role in electronic music. Paradise Lost will be organized by Caribbean Trans Media ltd. and will take place from March 10th-12th of next year.

In fact, the roots of both modern dance music and hip-hop extend all the way back to open-format DJ’ing and remixing culture. Jamaican artists like King Tubby and King Jammys played an undeniable role in this musical era, and contributed in a more long-term way as dub and reggae would bleed into several generations of the movement across numerous regions.

One of the organizers, Jason Newman, told The Gleaner:

“Some Jamaicans don’t know that the genre started here, and some of the foreign markets don’t know either. This is going to educate them to learn about Jamaica and appreciate our music all over again. Who would think Bob Marley was one of the first EDM artists? That is something we should think about.”

While no lineup announcements have been made as of yet, Paradise Lost is expected to bring 15,000 attendees to Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St. Ann and will create 2,300 jobs as well as over 200 internship opportunities.