Pasquale Rotella’s Charges Have Been Dismissed


Earlier in the week, news broke out that Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella had finally received a court date for the long drawn out allegations brought against him for bribery and embezzlement dating back to 2010. While Rotella was set to stand trial in November, the Los Angeles County District Attorney has now dismissed all charges against him.

The case was brought against Rotella and his partner Reza Gerami after it was discovered that they had been making payments amounting to $1.9 million to former LA Memorial Coliseum Event Manager Todd DeStefano, with the allegation being that the payments were bribes to lock down the venue for EDC LA. However, following some embarrassing mishandling of evidence, Rotella and his partner were offered deals that involve no jail time.

Pasquale Rotella pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor conflict of interest charge and will receive three years probation. After the dismissal of his charges, he offered up a statement on the turn of events.

I always knew the charges were politically motivated and publicity driven. While it’s taken too long to finally put this behind me, I can now focus my energy where it belongs: my family and my company. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this.

Source: Your EDM