Peking Duk Announce Upcoming Album In Most TMI Way Possible


Canberra, Australia duo Peking Duk are excited to announce their new album – maybe a little too excited. The artists took to Instagram to inform their rapidly growing fan base that their new album is “underway & making [their] balls tingle.”


album is underway & making our balls tingle new single coming very soon

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Then again, who are we to judge a couple of quirky Australian producers with longer, prettier hair than some of the girls that listen to their music? After all, they’ve been making big enough moves with their sparse releases alone – and while a rigorous touring schedule may be to blame for the recent inactivity on their SoundCloud account, perhaps it was instead a calculated strategy to build anticipation for their upcoming effort.

Considering the melodic downtempo inclination of their last couple releases – last year’s “High” and “Take Me Over” – it stands to reason that the album will follow in the same creative vein.

Will you be looking out for Peking Duk‘s new album in the coming months? Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.