Pendulum Tease 2017 Return With New Video And Website


Back in December, Pendulum began teasing that they would return in 2017 when the drum and bass band announced their slot at the upcoming edition of Austria’s Nova Rock Festival. The group are now compounding our excitement with a cryptic new website and video that seem to cement that something big will happen this year.

The new video, titled Pendulum Returns, arrives as a twenty-second-long clip that features black and white urban footage spliced together in a rapid fashion, intercut among shots of the band’s logo. In the background we can hear the persistent ticking of a clock, implanting in the viewers mind that they’re counting down to something big.

Along with the video, Pendulum have unveiled a new website; Upon arriving at the site, users are directed to enter their email address in order to “be the first to know.” Again, we’re left in the dark as to what exactly is being teased, but between the video and the website, it’s more than enough to get us excited for the group’s triumphant return.

Pendulum stole the spotlight at last year’s Ultra Music Festival with their closing performance, leaving fans hungry for more. Despite Rob Swire’s insistence a few months ago that a reunion wouldn’t happen, it looks like we may be getting just that.