Pierce Fulton Releases Dreamy New Single In Reality


At only 23 years-old, Pierce Fulton has made quite a wave in the electronic scene. Last week he threw a massive birthday party in New York City, where he revealed a new project with Ansolo, and now, the young producer is putting fans on a slow drip of new material, the first being a free download in the form of “In Reality.”

A worthy follow up to “Kuaga,” this dreamy tune is a magnificent taste of Fulton’s new material. The track features popping synths, lofty vocals, and a thickly laid atmosphere to evoke a hopeful soundscape. Pumping kicks and an ebbing midrange round this track out to be a progressive/indie jam that’ll be seeing some serious air-time all summer long.

Stay tuned to Pierce Fulton‘s Soundcloud for more and give “In Reality” a listen above.

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