R3HAB Takes On The Chainsmokers With “Closer” Remix


Though The Chainsmokers have come out on top with one of the biggest singles of the summer, their collaboration with Halsey titled “Closer,” we’ve yet to hear many remixes of the hit song. While Two Friends delivered a solid rework of “Closer” a few weeks back, R3HAB has now dropped the first official remix of the track.

For his take, the Moroccan producer delivers a tropical infused trap flip of “Closer.” R3HAB kicks things off with a memorable synth pluck that sets the mood with a pleasing chord progression, accompanied by Andrew Taggart’s catchy vocal delivery. After the bouncy verse, the remix dives head first into upbeat drops with trap rhythms, rubbery basslines and chopped up vocal melodies.

R3HAB‘s take on “Closer” is a worthy remix of the massive single, delivering a dance friendly production that contrasts the original while juxtaposing its familiar hooks against uplifting melodies and in vogue sound design.

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