Shambhala Music Festival Announces 2016 Ticket Sales With 2015 Aftermovie


It’s been several months since Shambhala Music Festival shone like a beacon in the North American festival circuit, and the organizers have just released the official 2015 aftermovie in conjunction with an announcement that tickets for 2016 have just gone on sale. We only had positive things to say about the one-of-a-kind massive in our own coverage of the event, and the video only reinforces our opinions.

It’s likely you haven’t seen crowd shots like these; the videographers didn’t comb through their footage and only pick out clips of supermodels to represent the audience participation portion of the video. Sure, there’s still some measure of that, but by and large the video makes no attempt to hide the eccentricity of the audience – which only adds to the appeal of the event at the end of the day.

Shots of various artists’ performances at Shambhala Music Festival stages with names like Pagoda build anticipation, as “This is How You Know” by Coyote Kisses blends into the drum and bass stylings of “Oblivion” by Tantrum Desire. Skrillex, GRiZ and Pretty Lights can be seen among other headliners, all of which are still only shown for brief flashes compared to the shots of the audience members.

If this doesn’t make you want to attend the 2016 edition of Shambhala Music Festival, we’re not sure what does. Tickets can be purchased here and we’ll make sure to keep you posted with lineup announcements once they arrive.