Sia Covers “Satisfied” For Upcoming Hamilton Mixtape


The upcoming Hamilton mixtape brought to you by Lin-Manuel Miranda is only weeks away, and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to hear a good amount of tracks that are going to be on it already. From Kelly Clarkson’s “It’s Quiet Uptown” to The Roots’ “My Shot,” the collection proves that it’s going to sport a wide variety of musicians. Now, we have one more cut from it, and it comes in the form of Sia taking on “Satisfied.”

Sia’s vocals in general have a gigantic theatrical tone to it, so calling on her to tackle a song from a musical should surprise nobody. The resulting product with “Satisfied” is a high-octane pop number with an undeniable R&B feel to it. Adding to the magic is none other than singer Miguel, with Queen Latifah dropping a verse shortly after. The Miguel and Sia link-up makes a ton of sense, as the two just wrapped up a tour together – but who knew that they’d sound so good on the same song?

If you’re not feeling Sia’s “Satisfied,” another track by K’naan debuted in the form “Immigrants” – but playing them back to back is really the more preferred method of listening here. You can check out the entire 20+ song compilation when it hits digital outlets on December 2nd.