Skrillex Plays Matchmaker During His Set At Your Paradise


Skrillex is already one of the most accomplished producers in all of dance music, but it looks like he can now add matchmaker to his long list of achievements after his set at Fiji’s Your Paradise festival. During his performance at the exotic music festival, the celebrated producer and DJ helped one lucky fan propose to his girlfriend in one of the most epic ways possible.

As Skrillex’s set got underway, the DJ took the opportunity to invite a fan named Malcolm on stage, with an acapella version of “Where Are Ü Now?” playing in the background. Malcolm then invites his girlfriend Jess up on stage, taking the opportunity to propose to her in a truly unforgettable way. Afterwords, Skrillex instructs the two lovebirds to engage in a double crowd surf as he cues up the next song.

Festival engagements happen all the time, but they rarely go down in such a grandiose manner. It’s not every day that you get to have your favorite DJ facilitate your marriage proposal, and its just another reason why Skrillex is one of the most genuine artists working today.