Something’s Missing From Spinnin’ Records’ New Streaming Platform


Spinnin’ Records has announced the launch of Spinnin’ Premium, a “freemium” streaming service intended to compete with the likes of Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music. As the recording industry finds itself more overshadowed by streaming services than ever before, the decision of a dance music-specific label like the Dutch powerhouse that is Spinnin’ stands in stark contrast to the stagnant attitudes of its “big four” counterparts.

Spinnin’ Premium offers a two-week free trial period to all of its new subscribers, asking only for a Facebook login or email address. “The music industry is changing rapidly,” Spinnin’ Records CEO Eelko van Kooten declared during a statement. “Focus is shifting from paying for your music to streaming and other freemium models.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.13.07 AM

However, there’s one big question that needs to be answered: Where’s the app? Spinnin’ has kicked off the launch of the service with “Ghostchild” by Firebeatz and Apster, but aside from a free download link on the Spinnin’ Premium section of the label’s website itself, a simple SoundCloud embed is used for music playback. Even before Beatport had its own mobile app, it at least had its own flash-based mp3 player built into the website script.

Nobody’s arguing that the distribution side of the music industry needs to make moves to stay current – but moves only take you places when you commit to them. If what you’re calling a streaming service is little more than a crafty way to direct your consumer base to your new releases, it will only prove a very temporary band-aid over a sector that’s hemorrhaging assets at present.

Spinnin’ Records has only released one track through Spinnin’ Premium, but if you’d like to watch for more music to be added and/or to sign up for the “service,” click here.