Steve Angello And Still Young Finally Release “Follow Me”


Following up on a recent lawsuit brought against him by a former business partner, Steve Angello is back to offer up a new track. The new single is titled “Follow Me,” and has been heard on the live front a number of times in the past. Featuring his SIZE Records signees Still Young, the new collaboration is an electrifying dance tune crafted with the club crowds in mind.

“Follow Me” opens with a sprawling progressive house intro as spiralling synth melodies soar over a simple beat. Steve Angello and Still Young craft an intense build up, allowing the opening progression to repeat while the drums build in intensity. After an ear shattering build up, “Follow Me” dives head first into some explosive drops, as four on the floor beats pound out an intense rhythm beneath distorted synth bass riffs.

While some fans may disappointed to find that Steve Angello and Still Young cut out the vocals for an instrumental release, “Follow Me” is a solid offering and we’re glad to finally see it get an official release.

Steve Angello has released the track as a Beatport exclusive, meaning that you’ll have to head here to buy the track if you want to hear more than the SoundCloud preview.