Stream Flume’s New Skin Companion EP

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Shortly after the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore album Skin earlier in the year, Flume announced that he would be issuing a follow up EP dubbed the Skin Companion. Now, the album has finally dropped, comprised of four outtakes from the Skin sessions that were first heard on the teaser ahead of its release. While the EP is only available on vinyl, each of the four tracks have surfaced online for streaming.

As expected, the new EP serves as a worthy follow up to Skin, brimming with four excellent tracks with that classic Flume vibe. “Trust” is a music box meets trap excursion, driven by gentle melodies, bouncy rhythms and cascading vocals, and “V” follows with crashing drum patterns, delay drenched synths, and warbly vocal samples.

“Heater” was one of the tracks fans were left wishing for when it ultimately didn’t show up on Skin, and fans will be excited to finally hear the full version here. Last we have “Quirk,” a somber number with echoed falsetto vocals, skittering percussion and oceanic bass, bringing the collection to a close on a high note.

Flume‘s ever captivating production approach is on full display with the Skin Companion, and we’re beyond happy to have new material so soon after the producer’s last full-length effort.