Taylor Swift And Drake Collaborating On New Music


For a hot second, the Internet went ablaze in thinking that Taylor Swift and Drake were going to be the new couple to sweep the headlines as the next big celebrity romance. Turns out, there’s still a relationship going on, but of the musical variety instead – and that’s much more exciting to hear.

Rumors began to swirl that the pop moguls were together following Swift’s appearance at Drake’s birthday party, but according to E! News, a source says the two have actually been in the studio collaborating on new songs. While there’s no concrete information about what their work sounds like, the source says that the music they’re working on is “different” but “catchy.”

It’s fun to speculate what the new tunes could possibly be for. Of course, it could just be friends hanging around for some writing sessions, but when it involves two of the biggest icons in music right now, it has to be something more. It’s no secret that Swift has been in the studio despite no plans to release anything, and along with Drake’s upcoming More Life mixtape, the rapper’s never been busier.

It’s hard to say what this project will end up turning into – whether it’ll be songs by Drake with Swift lyrics, or maybe some Taylor Swift songs with an influence of Drake’s flow in the verses. The possibilities are endless, and it’ll be worth paying close attention to in the coming months.