Taylor Swift Is Reportedly In The Studio Working On New Music


October is basically known as Taylor Swift season. Since her debut record in 2006, Swift’s been dishing out genre defining albums every other year, but it seems like 2016 may be the first year that breaks her usual cycle. There’s no plan for her to release something next month, but fear not: she’s apparently still in the studio working on new music anyway.

According to Gigi Hadid, Swift is back in the studio crafting new tunes, expressing her gratitude that the singer took time away from that in order to support her during a show at New York Fashion Week.

New music from Swift is a welcome surprise. Given her recent break up with actor Tom Hiddleston and the drama surrounding leaked phone conversations regarding Kanye West’s “Famous,” you’d figure she might be putting music on the back burner for a bit.

It begs the question, though: what’s new music from Swift going to sound like? She was recently revealed as one of the songwriters for Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For,” and considering the slight EDM influence on some of her own music in the past, she might decide to go that route. Or, she may “return to form,” and make a country album to win back the hearts of fans who didn’t care for her sonic change to mainstream pop.

Either way, we’ll keep our ears open in the future, and so will some unlikely contributors, as pop star Katy Perry recently mentioned on Twitter that she’d be willing to collaborate with Taylor Swift as long as she apologizes.

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