Tchami’s Afterlife Remixes Draw From Unexpected Influences


We’re no stranger to future house pioneer Tchami consistently delivering on his releases (sparse as they may be), but nobody could have expected such a wide variety of styles to find their way into the official remixes for “Afterlife.” With Tchami himself adopting a more diverse sound of late, it looks as though his musical contemporaries have followed suit – and if some of these reimaginings are any indication, the breaks genre may finally be making its long-awaited comeback.

Specifically, the remix contributed by DJ Snake and Mercer as well as the one put together by Jauz exhibit a sort of breakbeat/big-room fusion uncharacteristic of any of the three artists. We personally liked San Holo’s the best – he put a future bass spin on the original whose drop exhibited delightfully dissonant chiptune elements, and Point Point’s downtempo remix brought the energy of the track down with distinct serenity.

The only remotely future house remix of “Afterlife” was the one put together by Malaa, whose own styles follows in Tchami’s famous footsteps by sprinkling each of his tracks with echoey atmospheric elements.

Take a moment to listen to all of the remixes of Tchami‘s “Afterlife” and let us know which one is your favorite by sounding off in the comments section.

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