WGTC Premiere: That Matters, Jenia And Mr. Styles – “IWI”


Steve Angello’s SIZE Records imprint has traversed enough of the electronic music landscape’s peaks and valleys to have some idea of what’s coming next. The label’s latest release arrives today in the form of “IWI,” a collaboration between anonymous producer That Matters and Cyprus natives Jenia and Mr. Styles that channels house music’s lively roots.

The title “IWI” is an initialism for “I want it” – a phrase sang in the short vocal clip around which the rest of the arrangement hinges. Even though a main stage-friendly uplift in the beginning of the track gives it some degree of festival appeal, sound design elements meant to mimic the organic timbre of live instruments liken it more to the jackin’ house grooves at the heart of dance music’s celebrated heritage.

All three collaborators have launched their respective artist projects fairly recently – and the only personal information available about That Matters is that his first name is Nick. Seeing as how he’s at least shown enough decency not to go the anthropomorphic junk food item route though, his slow identity reveal doesn’t arrive as a distraction from his music.

With a respectable SIZE Records debut under their belt now, we look forward to seeing what else Jenia, Mr. Styles and That Matters turn out over the course of the 2016 festival season.

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