Tiësto Takes On Calvin Harris’ Latest Hit “My Way” With A Remix


Back in September, Calvin Harris debuted his first vocal single since 2014’s “Summer” with “My Way,” a poppy dance tune that seemed to address his breakup with Taylor Swift. Now, Tiësto is taking on the Scottish DJ’s latest single with a hard hitting remix that’s ready to get the crowds moving.

Whereas the original version of “My Way” was designed with the radio in mind, Tiësto offers up a radical re-imagining of the song primed for late nights at the club. The new version opens with a steady house beat and muted synth tones that gradually build in intensity, as energizing filter sweeps and risers fill the speakers.

Harris’ voice is modulated through a vocoder with the phrase “My Way” repeating into oblivion, signalling the impending drop. Tiësto then unleashes a barrage of intense bass notes against the constant pounding of the drums, morphing the poppy tune into an unstoppable banger.

Tiësto definitely makes sure to leave his mark on Calvin Harris’ latest single, taking “My Way” into bass house territory with booming low end and snappy percussion. Compared to the original song, the new rework is quite distinctive, but the Dutch producer finds a way to make it work.