Tiësto And Tony Junior’s “Get Down” Is Just A Bass House Version Of “Boneless”


Let’s try an exercise. I want you to close your eyes and imagine Tiësto doing the most Tiësto-est thing imaginable. If you didn’t instantly hear a collaboration that adheres to the latest genre-du-jour while somehow managing to sound embarrassingly similar to another song on the market, then just open your eyes and click on the SoundCloud embed above.

Tiësto’s upcoming Tony Junior collaboration, “Get Down,” is an unapolagetic attempt at bass house – it makes sure to let you know of its intentions from the very first measure with a solitary LFO loop wobble that only kind of compliments the buildup. Then, the drop hits, and all I can see is the quirky video for Steve Aoki, Chris Lake and Tujamo’s 2013 club banger, “Boneless.”

You know, this one:

It would be one thing if Tiësto collaborated with an artist like Ephwurd or Jauz whose bass house credentials spoke for themselves, but the fact that this release is the result of a supposed collaboration between him and another mainstager like Junior makes it come across as all the more manufactured.

The melodic similarity to “Boneless” just adds insult to injury – even if it was purely accidental, which it most likely was, somebody at any point along the chain of command should have caught it and kept Musical Freedom from slapping its stamp of approval on the the track.

Tiësto and Tony Junior’s “Get Down” comes out on December 28th, but you can listen to a teaser for the track above and let us know what you think in the comments section.