Tiësto Needs To Chill With The Edits Already


Does nobody else see the irony in Tiësto heading a label called “Musical Freedom” and using it to release his own edits of other artists’ tracks? It’s not such a big deal when it’s done tastefully here and there, but his recent edit of Dzeko & Torres’ reimagining of Gigi D’Agostino’s 1999 track “L’amour Toujours” is his second in a row – and doesn’t add anything worthwhile that was absent from the either of the previous version.

In Tiësto’s take, the central synth melody – which was easily the strongest components of the original – is delayed in favor of a basic electro house rhythm apparently intended to incorporate more main stage energy into the production. Aside from subtle effects and arrangement changes, the rest of the edit is virtually identical, which begs the question: If the Dzeko & Torres version of an already much older track came out earlier in the summer, why is it even an official release?

Tiësto‘s edit of Dzeko & Torres’ “L’amour Toujours” will be available for download through Beatport on September 8th. Until then, listen to the SoundCloud upload above and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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