Tomorrowland Announces Surprise Performance From The National Orchestra of Belgium


With Tomorrowland tickets now on sale (well, the Global Journey packages, at least), excitement is starting to mount for one of dance music’s hottest festivals. And although no artists have been announced just yet, ID&T did reveal something quite interesting earlier today.

In a bit of an unorthodox move, the festival has chosen The National Orchestra of Belgium, who will be going under the name The Symphony of Unity, to play on the Opera Stage. Yes, you read that right. Tomorrowland will be bringing symphony and opera music to the festival this year.

Details on what exactly the performance will involve are still scarce, but it’s an interesting idea, mixing the two genres, and will definitely have a great deal of people excited, if for no other reason than it’s something fresh and new that we haven’t really seen at an EDM festival before.

Tell us, will you be at Tomorrowland this year? If so, will you be checking out The Symphony of Unity.

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